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  • Teaching & eLearning Platform


    Welcome to the Teaching & eLearning Platform, TeP. 

    The TeP was implemented in 2009 to provide English language skills and TOEFL ITP exam preparation opportunities to young people from marginalized areas across the country. Now, the TeP offers several online programs. All of the TeP online courses provide a flexible learning environment to suit student needs. Through TeP online programs, students can learn not only Academic English courses but also Professional Development courses by self-study or by the support of an online teacher. In addition, the TeP provides flexible content appropriate and free or low-cost elearning opportunities that help people realize their dreams and strengthen their communities.  Please contact us through the details at the bottom of this page for more information.

         EPOP helps learners of English who are planning on sitting for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) qualification to access university scholarships or courses, or simply to upgrade their English language skills for employment or personal purposes. EPOP’s online courses enable students connected to the internet to pursue their studies online by downloading EPOP course materials, participating in online quizzes, taking regularly scheduled diagnostic tests to assess progress, tracking their own results, connecting with online tutors for constructive feedback, and interacting with fellow students for peer support.         The Teaching & elearning Platform (TeP) is now offering resources through the eLearning Professional and Personal Development (EPPD) program. EPPD will offer self-study options to those users who are interested in developing their skills in areas including everyday work skills and English grammar. The self-study English program is available with translations to support speakers of Myanmar, Karen and Thai languages, and may be helpful if you need to improve your English before undertaking EPOP's Academic English Level 1 course. Work Skills will provide learning around the many skills needed to become employed, with further learning for the workplace and for those wanting to start a business of their own.